Rockley’s after-sales service – a clear sign of quality

Rockley’s after-sales service – a clear sign of quality

At Rockley Brahmans Stud, we have recently implemented a three-month post-sale follow up call that covers the animal’s health, behaviour and performance three months after sale. Below we explain four key reasons why your feedback enables us to maintain our focus on exceptional results in the breeding and development of elite Red Brahmans.

#1 Development program

Our goal at Rockley is to breed elite Red Brahman bulls and females that provide genetic gains for stud and commercial producers who are seeking profitable, high-performance cattle. Our 3-month courtesy calls offer support to our clients and enable us to document information that will assist us to develop a clear understanding of first hand post-sale experiences. This allows us to continuously evaluate our quality standards and practices. Client feedback is central to achieving outstanding results from our development program.

#2 Weaner grading system

We have refined weaner grading techniques to specifically suit Red Brahman cattle. Our weaner grading system is based on three key elite cattle attributes – temperament, efficiency and future genetic gains. The system is an efficient way to identify at an early age future elite bulls and females. Post-sale feedback provides opportunity for us to review and refine our elite weaner grading system. This will enable us to grow bulls and females of an even higher quality in future.

#3 Seven key attributes

Post-sale feedback allows us to compare actual experiences of Rockley cattle against our 7 key attributes that describe truly elite Red Brahmans.

#4 Documentation

At Rockley Brahmans, we advocate transparency. We understand that an animal’s history is as important as visual assessment. This is why we provide our clients with comprehensive documentation prior to purchase, including vaccination data and breedplan insights. Our post-sale follow up conversations allow us to check that our documentation is useful, easy to understand and clear for each animal, while providing ongoing records for its post-sale progress.

For more information, please contact Ashley at Ungarra on 0408 780 810 or contact Sally and Chris on (07) 4934 6317.

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