Record smashing RBWS 2022

Record smashing RBWS 2022

A red homozygous poll born in late 2020, his dam is Fairy Springs Gem 5565 (PS). Weighing 805 kg at 23 months of age Royal Flush has a scrotal circumference of 40 cm, and an EMA of 128 cm2.

Soon after, Fairy Springs Capitalist 6179 (PP) sold to Rockley and Elmo Brahmans Partnership, also for $200,000.

Breeders Joe and Felicity Streeter described him as a clean coated bull that will produce feminine females that will breed on. Capitalist’s dam is Fairy Springs Jan 5744 (PS).

At 22 months Capitalist weighed 760 kg, with a scrotal circumference of 40 cm and an EMA of 130 cm2. Royal Flush and Capitalist led a team of eight Fairy Springs sires to achieve an average price of $73,250.

Earlier on Day 3 the tables were turned with Joe and Felicity Streeter paying the second -top price of $180,000 for 3/4 share and full possession of Ashley Kirk’s Rockley Esteban (PP).

This cherry red 2-year-old is a son of homozygous sire Elmo Picasso 1023/7 and Rockley Miss Jacinta 128 (IVF) (PS). He weighed 864 kg with a 43 cm scrotal circumference and 145 cm2 EMA.

Extract from ABBA December 2022 Issue

By Cindy Benjamin, photos by Kent Ward

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