Rockley’s Weaner Grading System predicted top sale price for Rockley Phelps

Rockley’s Weaner Grading System predicted top sale price for Rockley Phelps

Our unique red Braham Weaner Grading System is helping us predict sales performance and future genetic gains for customers.

We were delighted to sell Rockley Phelps for $40,000 at the recent Big Country 2018, however we had reason to be quietly confident that he would do well. Phelps scored 42 out of 49 using our elite Weaner Grading System, which gave us an early indication of his quality. 42/49 is our highest Weaner Grading System score for the progeny of Phelps’ outstanding dam, Rockley Trinadine.

Our Weaner Grading System helps us breed elite red Brahmans for stud and commercial producers seeking profitable, high performance cattle.

We developed the Rockley Brahmans Weaner Grading System to ensure future genetic gains could be passed on to our customers. While calf grading systems have been around for decades, in 2015 I refined and reworked the technique to specifically suit red Brahmans. Analysis of the Weaner Grading System scores since 2015 indicates we are now witnessing tangible evidence of the system’s value.

Rockley Miss Datababe 17/14

Rockley Miss Datababe 17/14 scored 44/49 as a weaner, our highest ever Weaner Grading System score. Her progeny have averaged 40/49 and two of her sons sold for $14,000 each at Big Country 2018. We are looking forward to offering her next lot of high-scoring sons by Doonside Mr C Eagle at Big Country 2019.

Kenrol Mr HJ Ray 0366

Our aim in breeding from Kenrol Mr HJ Ray 0366 was to improve three specific phenotypical traits: temperament, length and general appearance (or first impression).

The following table shows the average scores for Mr HJ Ray’s 24 progeny for each of these traits:

Three bulls sired by Kenrol Mr HJ Ray brought an average sale price of $17,000 at auction and the females are also highly valuable, with several being used in IVF programs.

It is very satisfying for us to correlate weaner scores with performance for our animals and to see for ourselves the accuracy of our Weaner Grading System. We regard the system as one of our strongest tools in breeding outstanding animals. For our clients, we believe it shows our absolute commitment to producing elite red Brahmans.

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