Big Country 2019 – Our top 5 achievers

Big Country 2019 – Our top 5 achievers

Back home at Ungarra after the sale, we’re grateful for and proud of our accomplishments at Big Country 2019. With 4 grey stud bulls averaging $24,375, 8 red stud bulls averaging $18,000 and 3 red herd bulls bringing an average of $5,000, our total average sale price for 15 bulls was a very satisfying $17,100. Please view buyers and sale prices and scroll down for a summary of our top 5 performers – a list that corresponds exactly with our predictions for these members of the team.

We would like to thank our buyers, bidders, McCaffrey’s, Geaney’s and all those who contributed to this year’s event which was as enjoyable socially as it was for business.

As in 2018, potential buyers showed particular interest in our lead polled bulls, described by numerous cattlemen and women as a very consistent and even line of bulls. Special mention was made of the bulls’ strong conformation, their quiet temperament and evenness in physical appearance.

Last but not least, a specific mention must go to Rockley Miss Juliet 3030, whose four progeny averaged $35,500. We are strong believers in developing and maintaining a strong female base – please read more about Rockley’s breeder herd.

Rockley Miss Juliet 3030

Our Top 5 Achievers at Big Country 2019

Rockley Dempsey

Rockley Dempsey, the second top priced red bull at Big Country 2019, sold for $50,000 to K & L Daley of Katherine Downs Station, Katherine NT.

Rockley Holyfield

Rockley Holyfield, top priced grey bull at the sale, sold for $48,000 to Tony Hayne of NVS Brahmans, Noonamah NT.

Rockley Sugar Ray

Rockley Sugar Ray sold for $36,000 to Western Creek Station, Katherine NT.

Rockley Netflix (P)

Rockley Netflix (P) sold for $36,000 to Chatfield Brahman Stud, Richmond QLD.

Rockley Mayweather

Rockley Mayweather sold for $22,000 to Midway Brahmans, Ingham QLD.

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